Why RAI Stone Analytics®? Because it’s possible to predict the future operating performance of a company AND understand the various dynamics that impact the company’s bottom line. RAI Stone Analytics® is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps small businesses make sense of their financial numbers.

RAI Stone Analytics® doesn’t just calculate numbers and spit out a confusing spreadsheet for you to agonize over. It pulls ahead from the alternatives and provides our customers cutting edge technology which becomes a catalyst for small business prosperity.

Low Cost: RAI Stone Analytics® is a fraction of the cost of alternatives. We’re saying it up front because the cost of anything is significant to a small business. We’re not the company that makes you contact us before we disclose how much you might have to spend.

Predictive Analysis: RAI Stone Analytics® is predictive analysis software. This means that along with computing numbers, it can also PREDICT the outcome of actions and ANTICIPATE the impact of change on the bottom line.

Would you like answers to questions like:
1.       What will the impact of hiring a new sales person be on hitting my revenue goals?
2.       How exactly will invoicing every two weeks, as opposed to once a month, change my cash flow?
3.       Should I reduce or raise my prices or is there another way to achieve higher profits?

A Personal Analyst: RAI Stone Analytics® is a SaaS software program, meaning we host and run the program, which does all the calculations of your financials AND we assign  a personal Analyst to work with you to review the outcomes. Learn more about What You Get with RAI Stone Analytics® software.

RAI Stone Analytics® is different than what you know. Search the site; see how RAI Stone Analytics® has helped other companies just like yours grow. Contact us, ask any questions you would like, we’re excited to answer them and would be glad to demo the software at your convenience.